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Frequently Asked Questions

Countertop FAQ

At Stone Edge, we want you to be completely informed about your new countertop project. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the common questions we get about countertops. If you don’t find what you need below, contact us to learn more!

Do I need an appointment to stop by?

Appointments are encouraged to ensure that we are providing each customer with an extraordinary experience. Customers without an appointment may have to wait or come back another day if all sales representatives are assisting other customers. Inclement weather may also result in appointments being cancelled due to the safety of each customer and our staff. 

How do I get an estimate?

All we need is a rough drawing of your dimensions and any additional specifications that are requested. You can visit our Contact Page and submit your information online for us to provide you with an estimate.

Do you offer any sinks?

Stone Edge Countertops offers a limited selection of kitchen, bar, and vanity sinks to make your shopping experience quick and efficient. However, you may also provide your own sink if you prefer. Faucet and drain strainer are not included.

Will Stone Edge Countertops reconnect my plumbing?

Unfortunately we will not reconnect or disconnect any plumbing.

Are seams noticeable on countertops?

The number of seams are dependent on your countertop layout. An acceptable seam will be smooth but can be felt and is visible. A colored epoxy resin is used during installation to match the granite as closely as possible, however you will be able to see and feel the seams.

Why are customers encouraged to view their natural stone slabs prior to fabrication?

Granite is a natural material that is subject to veining and variances including color, shade surface irregularities, rust, particle structure, fissures, pits, veining or other natural variances. These are very common and normal. We cannot guarantee matching based on online photos or samples will be identical. The natural variances listed above will not be affected by these variances and will not be replaced due to them. Due to all the variances listed above, it is highly recommended that each customer view their natural stone slabs prior to fabrication to ensure the slab is what each customer envisions for their home. To schedule a slab viewing appointment, please fill out a form on our Contact Page. To view a list of natural stones that we offer please refer to our Products page.

How should I clean my countertops?

For most materials, every day cleaning can be accomplished with mild dish soap and water. If you choose to use soap and water, the soap can build-up on the surface leading to a duller appearance. Avoid using vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general purpose cleaners formulated for stone. All spills should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid any stains. 

Should marble be used for kitchen countertops?

Traditionally marble is recommended to be used for bathroom surfaces rather than for kitchen surfaces. Marble is less scratch resistant than granite or quartz. Marble comes into contact with substances that are highly acidic – those substances can negatively affect the marble.

Can I cut on my countertops?

Although granite and quartz are extremely hard and can withstand sharp objects such as knives however with doing so it will result in dulling your knives so we recommend using a cutting board.

Why is quartz different from granite and marble?

Quartz is an engineered stone so it is mad-made while granite and marble are natural stones. Quartz patterns and colors are more consistent while natural stone colors and patterns vary from slab-to-slab. 

How do I support countertop overhangs?

Anything with an overhang of more than 6” needs to have support. Our in-home sales representatives will help you determine which support would work best. 

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